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Job candidates with straight teeth were 45 percent more likely to get hired than those with crooked teeth.
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Your portfolio and resume’ are in order. You’ve researched the company. You bought a new suit. You are dressed to the nines and you aced your presentation. There is one thing you forgot. Your teeth.

Impressions are made in the first five minutes of an interview. A smile that isn’t open or approachable is a turn off. Employers not only judge you by your manners, your demeanor, your energy level, your answers, your knowledge – but also your smile. Dingy, crooked or cruddy looking teeth can actually cost you a job.

There is Weight in a Smile

Don’t let your smile make you into the heavy. You need to tip the scales in your favor.  A dull, damaged, or crooked smile can leave the impression you don’t care about your appearance, your health and or your career. That can make a potential employer think you might not care about the job.

Researchers say crooked smiles or teeth with spaces work against you if you are vying for a high-paying, high-profile position. This is especially true if you are in sales, or a highly visible part of the company. Hiring managers give preference to people with better smiles. Better smiles have a better ROI – especially in sales. Managers will never tell you this. You could be missing out on important promotions and not even know why.

Kelton Research found job candidates with straight teeth were 45 percent more likely to get hired than those with crooked teeth. The Center for Talent Innovation, a New York-based think tank also found both male and female hiring managers cited stained or crooked teeth as the “single worst appearance blunder” to undermine a person’s “executive presence.”  If you didn’t get that dream job, you just may want to look in the mirror.

Invest in Your Future With a Beautiful Smile

Remember, hiring managers don’t know you. They follow their instincts and make judgements based on what they hear and see. It’s up to you to make the best impression, especially in today’s highly competitive job market.

You wouldn’t go to an interview in a suit that was stained and wrinkled. Why would you come in with a smile that leaves them asking questions? When you speak, you don’t want your smile to speak louder.

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