Esprit Dental | Wagner Rotary Tools
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Wagner Rotary Tools

Contour Dental Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate Like Never Before.

With the advent of zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations, we realized that new rotary instruments would be required to contour, shape and polish these harder materials. Over the past several years we have developed a unique and innovative line of rotary instruments that now allows ceramists to more effectively work with these harder materials. Each of our instruments are infused or coated with uniquely shaped diamond particles that make contouring, shaping and polishing a simple process. Our goal is to provide the finest rotary instruments, expert knowledge and guidance required to help your business and your profits grow.

The “Berrys”

Developed in conjunction with our engineers and ceramists, RedBerry, BlueBerry and our new GoldenBerry discs are infused with a high concentration of specially cut diamond particles. They contour and shape aggressively, yet leave a super smooth surface that’s ready for final polishing. This super smooth surface also eliminates the capillary effect that causes pooling when applying stains or glaze. They even stay cool – That’s industry unique, and we are certain you have never experienced diamond instruments that perform like our Berrys.

Wagner Precision Rotary Instruments

Welcome to the Rotary Revolution.

Coarse Diamond Particles

  • Preferred for zirconia contouring
  • 26mm Knife Edge
  • 17mm x 3mm Flat Edged Wheel

Medium Diamond Particles

  • Preferred for lithium disilicate contouring, or as a second step when contouring zirconia
  • 26mm Knife Edge
  • 17mm x 3mm Flat Edged Wheel

Super Fine Diamond Particles

  • Places a fast super high shine on zirconia or lithium disilicate restorations
  • 26mm Knife Edge
  • 22mm x 3mm Flat Edged Wheel
  • 17mm x 3mm Flat Edged Wheel
  • Pre Mounted Wheel
  • Large Point
  • Barrel