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If your livelihood depends on 3D data


Trust iMetric


Esprit Dental

We are 3D Data experts that can show you how “Smart Data” technology can increase your bottom line…

All dental scanners and 3D data are not the same. Popular scanner companies in a rush to riches are sacrificing data quality for speed and that is impacting your bottom line.

5 mega pixel camera’s are not the answer… “Smart Data” technology from imetric rises above by keeping the edges crisp and sharp where they need to be while keeping the file sizes small for faster processing. Below you can see how the triangles on the margin area are small and tight maintaining the detail while the smoother area’s have larger triangles. This translates into “One” click margin selections that increase your bottom line and reduces remakes.

For the same price as a competitive scanner you can have it all. Become an expert with us and run your business like a pro.

Surprisingly, imetric scanners are now priced competitively with other brands that can’t compete with the value that imetric delivers. Once a $60,000 scanner that rivaled anything out there, imetric has made a big push towards making “Smart Data” technology available to everyone. With unheard of pricing, trust imetric from Esprit Dental.

Metrology quality and performance that deliver an unprecedented level of
accuracy and detail…

-Crown & Bridge L1

-Custom Abutments L1m

-Full Arch Implants L1i


3 Levels of Performance


Smart Data Technology at every level.

 Optimized scanning function for impressions

For Labs & Practices

Fast Scan Times


Eliminates the need to create plaster models. Simply mount the impression in the Imetric impression holder and scan.

Continuous software and hardware improvements

Speed & Data Quality

Easier Workflows


Newly rewritten scanning with new hardware and controller – no more process delays.

Technology now available to labs & practices

Implant Scanning

Most Accurate Available


Precision of less than 5µm using implant position functionality and iMetric approved adapter.

iMetric L1 Scanners – Beyond Dental Implants

3D data so real and lifelike you will need a microscope to see what the L1 sees…


All L1 systems include “Smart Data” technology that far surpasses what is available in dental scanners today. The standard L1 system is ideal for Crown & Bridge, Impression and model scanning where a high level of detail is required.




The L1m system includes all the features of the L1 system and also includes custom abutments and multi-implant restoration scanning controlled through the software.





The L1i system includes all the features of the L1 system and also includes <5 micron implant position accuracy with approved scan adaptors.



Fast – Detailed – Accurate

Single Die: Approximately 30 seconds

9 Dies (Multi-die): Approximately 30 seconds

Full Arch: Approximately 30 seconds



Technology Heterodyne phase shift-based structured white light combined with photogrammetry
Light Source White Light LED
Axis 2-axis
Multi-die Scanning Yes
Accuracy < 10 µm
Software Open Type (STL compatibility)
Operating System Windows 7,8,10 (64 bit)
Power 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2A