Esprit Dental | Fusion One Zirconia
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Fusion-One Dental Zirconia

A Whole New Benchmark in Restorative Material For Dentistry

Fusion-One Zirconia – All Indications

Since 2004, we have pioneered the dental industry with our revolutionary in-house Dental Zirconia processing capabilities. The science behind Fusion-One Zirconia is in the custom blending of Tosoh fine powders and pressing that allows us to achieve a more translucent result. Fusion-One Zirconia redefines Dental Zirconia as an aesthetic anterior ceramic as well as a proven posterior solution. Whether you need strength or aesthetics Fusion-One Zirconia will exceed your expectations. For more information please download our Lab Version or our Dentist Version brochure. Take a look at the Fusion-One Zirconia User Guide for Sintering instructions.

Indications for Use

Intended to restore carious lesions or structural defects in teeth. It is intended for use in cavities Classes I, II, V and as a restorative material intended for veneers, crowns and full arch cases.

Sintering Instructions

Normal room temperature ramp to 1540C at 600C per hour. Hold for 2 hours. Ramp to 1100C at 600C per hour and then natural cooling to 200C.

Finishing Instructions

For best recommended results, pick your ideal base shade and stain and glaze to final shade.  “Painting” can be incorporated to enhance characterization. Use Wagner Rotary Tools to make fine adjustments. Use Wagner Diamond tools with water cooling to make larger adjustments. Always keep the heat to a minimum and check for any cracking when finished.

Crown Removal

Use Wagner crown removal diamonds to achieve the most high performance results

Fusion-One Brochures

Fusion-One Overview

The Fusion-One difference - so natural ... so life-like.

Dentist Brochure

Fusion-One is the best material for restorative dentistry.

Lab Brochure

Something to really smile about and made in the USA.


Fusion-One dental crowns and bridges are twice as strong as Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) restorations; and up to five times stronger than other all-ceramic dental restorations. There is no dental material stronger.

Vita Max II


Emax CAD


ISO Standard for High Strength - 800Mpa


Fusion-One Zirconia - 850Mpa


Esprit Dental manufactures an unmatched translucent dental zirconia. Fusion-One dental zirconia has highly translucent properties which delivers great natural light effects for exceptional results.


Fusion-One Dental Zirconia Disks are available in six internal shades and three different thicknesses. Disks come in a variety of colors ranging from S0-S5; and are available in 12mm, 14mm and 18mm thicknesses for high production dental laboratories. Available Now.