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Since 2004, we have pioneered the dental lab industry with our revolutionary in-house Zirconia processing capabilities and CAD/ CAM solutions. The science behind Fusion-One Zirconia starts right here at our facility, in powder form, where we custom blend the zirconia powders to precise manufacturing standards.
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Since 2004, we have pioneered the dental lab industry with our revolutionary in-house Zirconia processing capabilities and CAD/CAM solutions. The science behind Fusion-One Zirconia starts right here at our facility, in powder form, where we custom blend the zirconia powders to precise manufacturing standards. The life-like results are produced using our proprietary high pressure, high temperature pressing and advanced computer machining systems. With you and your patients in mind, you will discover the outstanding aesthetics and superior fit of Fusion-One Zirconia restorations. Take a look at our Fusion-One Sales Sheet pdf

“Creating a Whole New Category of Dental Lab”

  • Specializing in life-like Zirconia Restorations
  • In-office CAD/CAM Integration Specialists
  • Professional High Speed Production Facility
  • Competitively priced, genuinely made in the U.S.

Fusion-One Brand Zirconia: Advantages

  • High Performance life-like appearance
  • Chip resistant and durable
  • Reduced chair time with superior fit
  • Set cost

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