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Fusion-One 600 Dental Restorations, blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth, allowing you to smile with absolute confidence. Fusion-One 600 is a whole new benchmark in restorative materials for dentistry. Ask your dentist about Fusion-One 600 and how it may be able to benefit you today.
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Advances in dental care have led to state-of-the-art innovations. Many of these steps forward have involved the fusion of cosmetic care and restorative care. In essence, this means improving overall wellness for lasting dental health while also noting the need for improved aesthetics.

Fusion-One Crowns are “tissue friendly” allowing the gum tissue to grow back up against the tooth. Fusion-One Crowns are also bio-compatible which means no allergic reactions, hot or cold sensitivity or impact on the taste of the foods you eat. Along with these benefits, Fusion-One Crowns are also very durable and stong.

Strength and stability of materials is an important part of restorative dentistry treatment. Fusion-One 600 is quite strong and sturdy, allowing you to bite and chew as you normally would.

Fusion-One 600 is a whole new benchmark in restorative materials for dentistry. Ask your dentist about Fusion-One and how it may be able to benefit you today.

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