Esprit Dental | Esprit Dental Milling Center
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Your Quality, our Materials and Investment

Esprit Dental Milling Center

Your Quality, our Materials and Investment – Since 2004, we have strived to provide our valued customers the widest range of CAD/CAM manufacturing capabilities that ultimately becomes a direct extension of┬átheir laboratory or office. By using the vast investment that has been made your ability to adopt and complete digital work flows is achievable at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Send us your impression, model or digital STL file for fabrication of unfinished Crowns & Bridges, Abutments and Full Arch restorations. Every case can achieve the demanding high quality that we achieve by using our Fusion-One Zirconia or Juvora PEEK Optima high performance polymer.

Your Quality, our Materials and Investment

Provide your customers the highest possible quality by maintaining your level of customer service and individual characterization on every case.

Devices we use

Roland DWX-51D Machine

Star SV-20 Machine

Star SR-10JC Machine

Custom Abutments

Full Arch and Full Contour

Juvora PEEK Optima

Reasons to Outsource to Esprit Dental

Greatly reduced cost to entry

Maintain your level of quality

Keep up to date with the evolving market