Esprit Dental | Esprit Dental: CAD/CAM Pioneers bringing in world-class technologies to revolutionize the future of Dentistry in the USA
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Esprit Dental: CAD/CAM Pioneers bringing in world-class technologies to revolutionize the future of Dentistry in the USA

Esprit Dental: CAD/CAM Pioneers bringing in world-class technologies to revolutionize the future of Dentistry in the USA

Esprit Dental, one of the United States’ leadingCAD/CAM manufacturing experts are revolutionizing the development of CAD/CAM dentistry by partnering with renowned names such as Juvora and IMETRIC, and with their revolutionary in-house Dental Zirconia, Fusion-One.

Esprit Dental has harnessed their expertise in CAD/CAM technology to create FDA digital workflow solutions that make dental lab’s and dentist’s job’s easier. Their solutions are designed using high performance materialsto increase the bottom line for dental labs and dentists while maintaining patient acceptance and giving them life-like results which are completely made in the USA.

Founder and CTO of Esprit Dental, Chris Scharf quoted, “You can’t buy experience, but you can partner with Esprit Dental to gain that valuable knowledge that only comes with time.We’ve had a number of firsts since our early start in the field of computerized dentistry. In 2004, we were the first to import 3shape into the U.S. for dentistry. During that period, we launched Fusion-One Zirconia — our very own Life-Like Zirconia completely made at Esprit Dental. That was a winning combination, and we started placing 3shape laboratory systems around the U.S. with a view to establish the first network of “Open” Dental CAD/CAM systems. Since then, we have grown into a multi-faceted materials and technology company with many strengths in Dental Zirconia Prosthetics, Custom Abutments, Titanium Components, Dental Implants, high capacity Milling Center and 3D Printing solutions.

Fusion One Dental Zirconia
Fusion-One Zirconia is a product of Esprit Dental’s revolutionary in-house Dental Zirconia processing capabilities. It makes use of a custom blending of Tosoh fine powders and pressing that results in a more translucent finish with superior strength and aesthetics.

Fusion-One Zirconia redefines Dental Zirconia as an aesthetic anterior ceramic as well as a proven posterior solution. Fusion – One features six internal shades stainable to all 16 Vita Classical shades. Its translucency and Life – Like results better mimic natural dentition and allows for accurate shade matching and esthetics across all indications.

Fusion-One “All Indications” Zirconia is an all ceramic solution highly recommended by reputed dental labs and oral care practitioners across the United States.



JUVORA™ is an innovative alternative to traditional dentures. It is a dental disc manufactured using a high-performance polymer known as PEEK-OPTIMA™, which is used as an alternative to metal in implant-supported, fixed and removable dental prosthetics. A modern and comfortable solution made with precision through FDA CAD/CAM workflows.JUVORA™ Dental Discs offer a distinctive set of features such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, long term biocompatibility, hard yet flexible elastic modulus, which allows for greater design flexibility, compatibility with X-ray imaging, making Juvora™ an excellent choice for long term use.

Esprit Dental is an authorized distributor of JUVORA™ Dental Discs in the United States.


Imetric is a specialized 3D dental scan system. It is recognized as the most accurate scanner in the dental market and makes use of “Smart Data” technology to keep the edges sharp and crisp while ensuring an optimal file size for faster processing. “One Click” margin selections reduce remakes and increase the bottom line. The best part about IMETRIC is that it offers metrology quality and performance that deliver an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail for the same price as competitive scan systems.

Imetric has 3 levels of performance, each of which utilize smart data. It offers faster scan times by eliminating the need to create plaster models. The impressions can be scanned by simply mounting themin the Imetric impression holder.

Esprit Dental is an authorized distributor of Imetric 3D scanning systems in the United States.

About Esprit Dental

Esprit Dental offers innovative, technology-driven dental solutions made using high performance materials. They have more than 25 years of experience in CAD/CAM manufacturing. Some of their offerings in dental products and supplies include:

Dental Products

Dental Supplies

For more information, and for partnering queries and requests, please visit or call (877) 832-0217.

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