Esprit Dental | About us
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About us

Esprit Dental – Gateway to Success.

Who We Are

The genius behind Esprit Dental is in its more than 25 years of CAD/CAM manufacturing experience. You can’t buy experience, but you can partner with Esprit Dental to gain that valuable knowledge that only comes with time.

Since our early start in computerized dentistry, we have had many firsts; we were the first to import 3shape into the U.S. for dentistry in 2004. During that period we launched Fusion-One Zirconia — our very own Life-Like Zirconia completely made at Esprit Dental. With that winning combination, we started placing 3shape laboratory systems around the U.S. for the purpose of establishing the first network of “Open” Dental CAD/CAM systems. Since then, we have grown into a multi-faceted materials and technology company with many strengths in Dental Zirconia Prosthetics, Custom Abutments, Titanium Dental Components, Dental Implants, high capacity Milling Center and 3D Printing solutions.

Our experience has afforded us the ability to complete the CAD/CAM Dentistry work-flow necessary to make it successful in your laboratory or practice. Please contact us to discuss how partnering with Esprit Dental can make your transition to digital dentistry a success.

What We Do

Create digital work flow solutions that make your job easier.
Technology Driven
We are Dental CAD/CAM experts that have harnessed technology to create a superior digital dental solution.
High Performance Materials
The leader in life-like results, our materials are designed with the patient in mind.
Dental Implant Solutions
Our very own value added dental implant solutions are designed to increase your bottom line while maintaining patient acceptance.