Esprit Dental | 3d office scanning
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3d office scanning

“I was immediately impressed with the small and light weight hand piece. I found the hand piece to be much easier for my staff to handle and much more comfortable for the patient than other scanners I evaluated. I also love the fact that the CS 3500 is a simple USB device that I can easily move around the office without the hassle a cart or bulky monitor.”

Dr. Robert Waugh, Athens, GA

Carestream CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner

Welcome to the new reality of restorative dentistry: the CS 3500 intraoral scanner. The CS3500 combines patient comfort with clinical flexibility, enabling clinicians to quickly capture digital impressions. The CS 3500 is easy to use and fits seamlessly into any practice’s restorative workflow.

System integration with the CS 3500 is unique to scanning technology and mirrors other open architecture computer platforms. There is no need for a trolley and the scanner integrates directly with the imaging platform, which in turn integrates with most practice management systems. Consequently, the practice does not need a second database for intraoral scans, as the data stores automatically within the patient’s record in the same manner that other types of images are stored. Single source integration reduces admin time and simplifies practice record keeping.

The CS 3500 features True Color, which is able to distinguish between tissue and the dentin/enamel if the prep is subgingival for margin definition. This tool visualizes the anatomy more accurately, which allows the doctor to see a better representation than with monochrome systems.

In summary, the CS 3500 provides easy to learn, easy to use, highly accurate, open architecture system, with a low cost port of entry. Add up all of these pluses and you have a scanner that is a ‘game changer’, and the way forward for intraoral scanning technology. Purchase one today.

CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner Brochure

Welcome to the new reality of restorative dentistry.