Esprit Dental | 3d office printing
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3d office printing

3D Printed Dental Model With Analog

3D Printed Dental Model With Abutment

3D Printed Dental Model With Crown

CAD/CAM Technology – 3D Model Printing for Dentistry

Professional Modeling

Esprit Dental was one of the early adopters of CAD/CAM technology for producing dental parts straight from CAD design imagery. With digital dentistry, Esprit Dental can offer lower prices and faster delivery times while maintaining its high quality standards.


The Challenge

Dental technicians traditionally rely on steady hands and expert eyes to prepare crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and frameworks. This manual process is time-consuming and imprecise and uses materials that are often lacking in durability and aesthetic appearance.

Increasingly, dental companies now use 3D printing, whether in the dental practice or laboratory or via production centers. 3D printing provides access to new, industrially prefabricated and controlled materials; higher quality and reproducibility; data storage commensurate with a standardized chain of production; and increased productivity. Esprit Dental recognized the advantages of 3D printing and began investigating its options.


The Solution

Esprit Dental staff quickly learned how to use the 3D Systems Printer to speed up its manufacturing workflows. Models produced on the 3D Systems Printer deliver exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish. Printed models are predictable and consistent, providing a perfect fit and occlusion on the physical model.


The Value

Esprit Dental now uses a digital workflow that includes 3D scanning, restoration and model printing . The workflow takes full advantage of CAD/CAM technology to produce restorations in less time. The digital dentistry process also enables us to receive and process scans from major intra-oral scanners nationwide.

The high-speed manufacturing and ultra-efficient batch and multi-case processing capabilities of the 3D Systems Printer increase productivity and yield an excellent cost per-case.

“The 3D printing technology continues to accelerate the pace of change in dentistry,” said Chris Scharf, Executive Director at Esprit Dental. “The day has arrived when everything from scheduling to finished restoration can be handled digitally.”

“Rapid manufacturing is an affordable and attractive option for dental lab owners,” Scharf concluded. “With a 3D Systems printer, Esprit Dental was able to realize a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of models of any size or shape. Efficient in-house manufacturing opens many new indication possibilities.”